“In the mountains of the Canary Islands, the ancient shepherds dedicated their lifes to their land with such intensity that their learning, experiences and teachings remain eternally leaping over the cliffs of the canarian geography with their astias…”

Run and descend through the memories using your astia through the ravines collecting all the pintaderas you find on the way. Take care of the local flora and the geographical accidents hidden in the mountains!

Earn coins and unlock all kind of skins for your character, from a cap for the strong canarian sun to the legendary Hope cape of ancient shepherds.

This game is based on the canarian tradition of the shepherd’s leap that has been transmitted from centuries ago until today and it’s still being practiced in the Canary Islands mountains.

Everygame is unique! Our procedural game engine creates different geographical accidents everytime you play a new game.

– Backgrounds based on real landscapes from different Canary Islands with a procedural weather engine that creates multiple experiences.

Score mode to challenge your own high scores and reach your best scores during the run.

Relax mode without worries about points or defeat, just enjoy leaping around the different islands.

Customize your male or female character with different kind of skins for each part of the body. Unleash the leaper you have inside!

– InGame store for buying new skins for your character.

– Play in english or spanish and discover surprising things about the sheperd’s leap.

  • CLIENT Daydream Software
  • YEAR 2022
  • WE DID Concept, Development & Publishing
  • TAGS