MIPPER – Developing

Online platform for creation and publishing of MIPs

A MIP (Marked Information Picture) is an image based information file that provides interactive possibilities to an image through layers which allow to easily identify  elements and more information.

An image worth more than thousand words
The MIPs take maximous advantage the visual memory so the retention of information become the most natural.


The MIPs add to images the power of interaction. Research and touch over the different zones of the image to highlight them and show associated information.


Create, edit and share MIPs by private links or with our public MIPs Cloud. Every device with internet connection can open a MIP


Register and help us to create new ways to learn
The MIPs aim to expand the digital tools of this century, providing a new way of transfer the knowledge.
Through several layers over an image, we can take advantage of the power of interaction to easily interpretate an static image.


Organize the information and share it in our community
Through the Mipbooks you can organize and unify the information of the same topic in a single link.
Plan your classes, create your ideal notes or search in the creations of our public community and when you finish the Mipbook you need, register and save it in your favorites.


Access and check the information from any device
From the work, the underground, on every momento you have a doubt you can access our system.
PC, Mac, Web, Android, iPhone, tablets… Access whenever you want and from every device just by clicking over the Mipper link.
  • CLIENT Daydream Software
  • YEAR 2022
  • WE DID Concept, Development & Publishing