BREGA – Developing

Videogame and tabletop game based on the sport of lucha canaria (Canarian wrestling)

This project aims to be transversal to the digital and analogic to, through entertainment, keep and divulgate the legacy of the lucha canaria.

Functional prototype searching for funding for the development of the next production phases.


  • Faithfully represent the native Canarian sport of Canarian Wrestling through a series of competitive experiences.
  • Disseminate and divulge history, wrestlers, elements and components of the Canarian Wrestling on the islands.
  • Reach the largest number of public of different profiles, both locals who already enjoy Canarian Wrestling and people who do not know the sport.
  • Focused on young players during their school/high school stage, but always with a line of fun prepared for adults who already know the sport and want to apply their knowledge and strategies in a competitive game.


  • Simple mechanics
  • Maintain vocabulary, concepts, and essence of the Canarian wrestling
  • Easy, fun, deep and educational experience that helps to know and learn the qualities of the Canarian wrestling.
  • CLIENT Daydream Software
  • YEAR 2022
  • WE DID Concept, Development & Publishing